Hi, I'm Alex. Founder of pooliestudios and other ventures. Addicted to watches.

est 1983 _ digital 1998 _ studio 2012

»Alexander impresses with above-average creativity and a deep understanding of products, processes and design. Innovative, structured and always with a strategic vision.«

— Peter Richarz, CEO of Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures

Alexander Kaiser and his team build digital products that are used by millions of people in Germany, for companies such as Worldline, HomeToGo, Wüstenrot, Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, Burda and UNICEF.Together successful from day one: Since 2012, they have been building innovative platforms for digital recruiting together with the Embrace Group (Bertelsmann Investments). These include market leaders such as Ausbildung.de, MeinPraktikum.de and trainee.de, with a focus on UX and UI design.In June 2022, pooliestudios became part of the publicplan group, an IT service provider for the digitalisation of public administration with a focus on open source-based software solutions.Before founding pooliestudios, Alexander worked for six years as an art director and product designer at Media Ventures GmbH, a venture capital company owned by Ströer. There he was involved in projects such as NEU.de, Weg.de and PKW.de.Alexander is one of the leading digital product designers and user interface experts in Germany. Where the nickname poolie comes from remains a secret 🤫

⏱️ Watches
A healthy obsession hobby

💳 kaliber.club:
The exclusive watch club. Without Etepetete.
We have big plans! Together we want to organize meetups and trips & realize collaborations with brands and manufacturers.

🎥 MB Watches:
At the beginning of the year, I sat down with Konstantin to talk about part of my watch collection. (In german)

🎧 UhrTalk:
In episode 198 of the UhrTalk podcast, I talked with Raf about how i got into watches, what makes Chopard special and why the kaliber.club exists. (Also in german)